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Making a Wedding Favour Coin

custom wedding favour coin and custom die mould

This post is about a wedding coin we did for a couple that got married in August 2019. I want to describe the whole process of making your own custom wedding favour coin.

I’ve first met Maral and Adrial during one of the wedding shows in Ottawa. The minute they did a sample coin at the show, they fell in love with this concept and decided to let their wedding guests strike their own custom coin during their special day.

Note:We usually need at least 2 months before a wedding to make the design of a coin and prepare the dies (moulds) to mint the coins. We had plenty of time before their wedding so the design process began.


Coin Design Process

Maral and Adrian decided to have one of their photos to be put on one side of the coin together with their names and wedding date. The other part of the coin would include a picture of their wedding rings and a thank you message to their wedding guests.

Here is the photo the couple sent us to make a design:

Wedding couple photo for a custom coin

Here is how the process outlining the coin design looks like

Custom wedding coin outlining process

After the couple approved the final digital design we started making the coin dies. There are 2 coin dies that need to be produced which are used to strike both sides of the coin with one strong single hammer shot.


The Wedding Day

Finally, the most special day for Maral and Adrian is here and we are thrilled to be part of their wedding. The bride is beautiful, the venue is fabulous, the guests are here to share this day with the young couple. Near the end of the official wedding ceremony Maral and Adrian strike their own custom coin in front of the guest to commemorate this day.

Wedding Couple striking a custom favour coin

Wedding coin and die

Now it is the guests’ turn to take the hammer and make the coin as a long lasting memento of this amazing wedding. You can read Maral and Adrian's review about striking their wedding coin at our Reviews Page

If you are interested in having your own personalized coin for your wedding, we’d be happy to hear from you. Please fill in the details below to get your quote.

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