Strike Your Coin

Our Happy Customers

Amazing idea & creative memory for my wedding + equally amazing service if not better!

Strike Your Coin, we first discovered this service/idea at a wedding show in January 2018 at EY centre in Ottawa. Thank god we scrolled through every isle and corner at that wedding show, because he was the last one we saw, and we fell in love instantly. 

"What a great way to entertain our guests during cocktail hour!", we thought. What made it even better was Arthur; the sweetest guy behind Strike Your Coin. He was dressed like a blacksmith in character, and he was extremely pleasant to deal with. We just had such a great experience dealing with him and we loved the idea, so it was easy to book. 

Arthur was amazing to work with. He was efficient, quick to respond to my questions, and always available for further discussion. He understood wedding planning is a stressful time (most of the time) and he made it so easy for us! It was extremely seamless. 

With Strike Your Coin, we got to achieve three things at our wedding: 
- ceremony (we stroke our own coin during our ceremony)
- entertainment during cocktail hours
- wedding favors

Guests got to strike a coin of their choice and keep it. They also got to strike a coin specifically made for our wedding with our pictures/prints, and got to keep it. If they didn't get a chance to strike a coin, they still received our wedding coins as wedding favor. Last but not least, we made striking a coin part of our ceremony, partly to show guests how to use it..., but it ended up becoming such a beautiful and unique part of our ceremony! Many people probably believed that it was part of our was not, but we made it part of our most special day because it was worth it :)

Maral & Adrian (Wedding Date August 4, 2018)

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