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How to Motivate Employees? A custom challenge coin may be the recognition they need

Look up any article on how to motivate employees – either before or during the pandemic – and you’ll find appreciation and recognition to be two of the top recommendations. That’s because these two actions lift our spirits and make us feel safe. And those are the feelings that promote performance. On the flip side, when we feel stressed and worried, our work suffers, creating more stress and more worry until we are sucked into a downward spiral of poor productivity and performance. One simple, meaningful way to recognize employees is by gifting them a custom challenge coin.

Recognition Matters

Not only do employees want to be recognized for a job well-done, but they also want to be recognized in a meaningful way. While a passing “Thank you” in the hall is a nice gesture, a handwritten note means even more. But a custom gift shows intention. Custom challenge coins were created to build camaraderie between soldiers and to denote allegiance to a specific unit. But these coins are not just for the military anymore. More and more organizations are giving custom challenge coins to recognize their employees. And nothing feels better than knowing you belong.

A Quality Gift for Quality Employees

Unlike some token gifts, custom challenge coins are strong and durable because they’re meant to last a lifetime. Easily customizable, one side can feature your company logo or slogan while the other side could include a short thank you message. For an even greater personal touch, each finished custom challenge coin could include a laser engraving of an employee’s name or a sequencing number.

A Custom Challenge Coin for a Challenging Year

No one can argue the challenges employees faced in 2020: working from home, balancing careers, parenting and home life, caring for loved ones, elderly and sick, coping with loss, and dealing with the unknown. The ways we used to unwind – having friends and family over for dinner, meeting up for a drink or a work-out session at the gym, or simply hugging someone we care about – are no longer possible. As this new way of life continues into 2021, it’s more important than ever to find ways to boost morale.

An Investment in Morale

It can be hard to stay motivated when conditions keep changing. With the vaccination program well underway, we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.  But why not shine a light of recognition on your employees? Get a quote for custom challenge coinsand give them to your employees as a symbol of their hard work, perseverance and dedication. It is a small gesture that can have a big effect. Their performance may thank you for it.

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