Custom Graduation Coin


After the order is placed, we'll contact you at your email address for more details about your coin design. If you don't have a ready coin design, please check this Custom Coin Template that may help you come up with coin designs and that you can email us later. This will help us to make a digital custom coin design for you.

Please note, that it takes around 20-30 days for the order to be delivered after the final digital coin design is approved. We kindly ask you to place your order in advance of your event. 

This package includes:

- Design of both coin sides

- 100 Gold / Silver / Bronze Plated Coins (40mm in diameter)

- Each coin in plastic capsule

- Machine minting process

Customize your coin with:

- University Coat of Arms

- Graduation Date

- Favorite Quote

- Any text or image you wish