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Canada 150 Coin


Canada 150 Commemorative Hand Made Coin
Canada 150 Commemorative Hand Made Coin Canada 150 Coin Canada 150 Coin Canada 150 Coin

Get yourself a hand made Canada 150 commemorative coin. Celebrate this anniversary and make history with your own coin.

Coin Obverse Face reflects Canada 150 Maple Leaf, surrounded by various places and things that make Canada great!

Clockwise from the top: hockey sticks, inukshuk, anchor, beaver, mittens, maple syrup, hockey t-shirt, canoe, loon, axe, basketball, pair of skates, curling stone, hockey board game, toque and snowflake. 


Customer Reviews

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Excellent Customer Service

Was very pleased to receive my 3 medals and the quality was better than I expected, as the pictures don't do them justice. Was delighted to receive a free token and a like two-sided postcard with my order. I wish I had known about this a yr ago. I paid over $3,000 to strike 50 of my own medals, and here you can have your own customized medals, get 100 and it costs under $1,000. I showed my medals (from Strike Your Own) around at the Waterloo Coin Society this past week and folks were very impressed.

Cool Souvenir Idea

What an interesting and reasonably priced souvenir idea! My kids and myself both enjoyed it. Silas can't wait to bring his pirate coin to school!