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His Way / Her Way Coin


His Way / Her Way Coin
His Way / Her Way Coin His Way / Her Way Coin


Having trouble making the right decision with your significant one?

Find answers to all important questions with a flip of this powerful coin.

Just choose your question, and flip this coin for the answer!


'Should we go to the cinema or stay home?'

'Do we go to see your parents or my parents this weekend?'

'Who loads the dishwasher?'

Flip the coin and you will know whether it is His Way or Her way.

This coin can save your relationship by making the right decision. 


You can choose your coin material from three available options: brass, copper and nickel. One you place your order we will manually strike the coins for you and put them in acrylic cases for additional protection. When you receive your coin you can take it out of the case and keep in your wallet or pocket to make those important decisions!

Share your comments below! We'd love to hear the questions your ask before you flip the coin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Awesome coin

We love our coin and my fiancee had alot of fun striking it at the wedding show on the weekend.

Struck Jackpot

This is an ideal way to get the party started and have a great souvenir for the guests. Not only is the custom designs of the coin great quality, but the action of creating the coin is sure to be a slam at any event! I was able to take a swing for myself at the Strike Your Coin kiosk at the Capital Wedding Show, and I can tell you that you will not be disappointed!

Amazing Unique Idea!!

I visited the Strike your Coin booth at the Capital Wedding Show this past weekend and it was amazing! It is such a unique idea to have at your wedding, each guest can strike their own coin personalized specially for your wedding! I got the chance to strike a his way her way coin and I can't wait to use it !

Awesome Memorable and Interactive Experience!!

I was able to make a 'His Way / Her Way' coin and it was a terrifically interactive experience. For those who wanted to put some weight into it there was a sludge hammer, and it true accommodating fashion, a littler hammer for the kids! This would definitely be a fun activity for the work place, weddings or any social gathering where people are free to mingle!

The product itself was quite remarkable, and I am able to say I made it myself! I think this will come in handy if I were to try to use it to settle a debate with my Fiance!

Fantastic quality, great experience

I saw this product at the Capital Wedding Show in Ottawa with my fiancee and was blown away. The process they take when making the coins is super interesting, and a fun addition to our wedding plans. We got to take home a copy of the his way/her way coin, and I can't wait for our next one

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