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His Way / Her Way Coin


Having trouble making the right decision with your significant one?

Find answers to all important questions with a flip of this powerful coin.

Just choose your question, and flip this coin for the answer!


'Should we go to the cinema or stay home?'

'Do we go to see your parents or my parents this weekend?'

'Who loads the dishwasher?'

Flip the coin and you will know whether it is His Way or Her way.

This coin can save your relationship by making the right decision. 


You can choose your coin material from three available options: brass, copper and nickel. One you place your order we will manually strike the coins for you and put them in acrylic cases for additional protection. When you receive your coin you can take it out of the case and keep in your wallet or pocket to make those important decisions!

Share your comments below! We'd love to hear the questions your ask before you flip the coin.

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